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Mark Newman has over 25 years of experience as an auctioneer. He graduated from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in 1988 and is a member of the Iowa Auctioneer's Association.

Newman, Thompson, and Gray

Serving Forest City and the surrounding community since 1997.

Newman, Thompson and Gray

Serving the North Central Iowa community since 1997.

Iowa Farm Land Values Up?

Good Profits in Farming this year!

The Results are in!   Recent test plot results show the Early and Full Season Corn Test Results to be Fantastic!

Gross Revenue is more important than Chicago Board of Trade Corn Prices.   The Palo Alto County (Emmetsburg) Test Plot results are fairly typical of the good corn growing counties in Iowa.

In the recent test, done on a farm by Tom Quastad, the 30 different varieties of full season corn yielded an average of 252.2 Bushels to the Acre.    The Range was a LOW of 247.7 to 279.1.

 These results were certified by Corey Rozenboom at

The Gross Income was projected at being an average of $766/Acre.

This is good news; when you couple this with the recent USDA check of about $75 or more per corn acre, the farmer is back in the buying mood to some degree.  That check was very late, it was for the 2014 crop year.  The 2015 check should come sometime next Spring or about Rent-paying Time, hopefully for both farmers and landlords.

A recent WInnebago County farm which was sold at sealed bid has not been announced, yet.  But at least one serious buyer was 'shut out' of the private 'bid raising' in the lawyer's office.  This speaks of a strong market.

Our office is participating in a four way, 1031 exchange of Minnesota, Hancock County and Kossuth County, Iowa farms soon.  The prices are very good and they are significantly better than $100 per CSR2 point.

email us for a copy of the Palo Alto Test Plot results.